Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seasons Greetings

Where have the months gone?  Here we are in mid December, only a couple of more weeks until the new year.  Like all of you, I'm in the midst of Christmas preparations.  Today is a day for baking bread and making pepper jelly.  The house smells heavenly.  The pepper jelly will be the perfect compliment for the Brie aging in the cellar.  This time of year is perfect for low tech aging.  Just keep your cheese in a cool windowsill, away from the kitties, of course.  The cool temperatures coming from the outside, are just about perfect for aging brie in a ziplock bag.  Remember when people started making cheese, there were no perfectly managed conditions.  Cheesemakers worked with the climate, the time of year and the tools available to them.  We can still do the same.  Hope you are enjoying the season.