Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's hard to believe more than a month has passed by sent a posted anything to my blog.  September went by in a blur!  I've been trying to slow down a bit, to spend time outside, instead of at the desk.  My cat reminded me the other day that life is too busy when you don't have time to pet the cat.  She and I spent some quality time together today! This lovely autumn day is a perfect time to enjoy what is sure to be a limited quantity - a beautiful Fall afternoon.  Yesterday I made cheese all day at an outdoor event.  It is always fun to show people how quickly cheese can come together.  Most shake their heads and say, "You know, I've never seen that done!"  So I go along on my travels, spreading the news of cheese.  I've got some extra milk, so I'm going to make butter and then some Brie.  Jersey milk reigns supreme!