Thursday, June 17, 2010

Better late than never

Summer is here, no matter what the calendar says. Our garden has been a challenge with all the rain here in Missouri this Spring. My husband and I decided to put in raised beds. We had about 6 and they have been doing great. We've had beets, lettuces, chards, peas, etc. but the main garden, traditional rows, has been a mess. So, even though it seems a little late, we transplanted the few seedlings that are growing and then built a series of raised beds. We are hoping for the best. Eternal optimists, we are already making plans for next year! However, I still have high hopes for this one. I've been out weeding, weeding, weeding. The only bonus is, the chickens love the greens! A few green beans are coming on now and the yard long beans are blooming. We had a steady diet of those last year! Tomatoes are on the vine, so all is not lost. In dirt we trust.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Snow peas and chevre

It's time! The snow peas are ready. The pea vines are full of fresh pods and blooms. Enjoy a simple pleasure, snow peas stuffed with chevre. Simply run a knife down the pod to open it, stuff with fresh chevre and top with black pepper. Enjoy!