Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello to MaryJane's Farm Readers

Hello Farmgirls! I just got my new issue of MaryJane's Farm and I am so pleased to see goats, hats and cheesemaking as current topics! I started making straw (raffia) hats two years ago and have been having fun ever since. It is amazing how many of the things I am interested in show up in MaryJane's magazine! Haystacks, outdoor tubs and showers, sunflowers, and all those things that keep life interesting.

It looks like rain here in Missouri and I've got to get the rest of the tomatoes in this afternoon but tonight, be sure, I'll be kicked back and reading MJF from cover to cover! If you don't know about this magazine go to and find your long lost sisters! Farmgirls rule!

Read the previous post to find out about my cheesemaking classes in Hermann, Missouri.

New classes coming soon

Are you looking for a way to be more self sufficient? Learn the art of cheesemaking! Classes are geared to the home cheesemaker and require no special equipment. I will be teaching soon in Hermann, Missouri in conjunction with the Dierberg Educational Foundation through the Hermann Farm.

New classes staring in June for guests of the Inn at Hermannhof and in July for the general public. We will work with goat and cow milk. Enjoy hands on instruction and learn to make 4 different types of cheese. After you learn the basic techniques you will be able to make an amazing variety of cheese in your own kitchen.

Come to Missouri Wine Country, taste the local wines, make cheese and have fun! Check back next week for a schedule. Email me at for more information

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cheesemakers Unite!

Hello to all my cheesemaking friends. I am happy to report there are up and coming cheesemakers in Missouri. The class at East Central College in Union will come to a close this evening. We will have our farewell flatbread pizza! This is becoming a tradition on the last night of class. A super flatbread crust topped with fresh mozarella, fresh basil, sun dried tomatoes and other goodies.

Now my sites are on the Hermann Farm and new classes to begin there in June and July. What a perfect venue. We will have a bit of wine with our cheese experience which will give us a better understanding of the whole concept of wine and cheese pairings. For some reason it has always been a bit of a mystery - what to pair with what? We will break it down into easy terms and have a flight of wine to go with our freshly made cheese.

For more information about the classes go to