Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The book is now available

If anyone had told me when I started making my humble cheese 20 years ago that this day would come, I would never have believed them!  My book is now available!  "Homemade Cheese" is available through my publisher, Voyageur Press, http://www.voyageurpress.com/ and all major booksellers!  I've laughed and cried as I reviewed the pages and remembered all the early days of my experiences as a farmer. 

Not only will you find cheese making recipes and complete step by step how-to's, you'll read the wonderful stories of cheesemakers across the United States.  What an honor to tell their stories.  Visit http://www.amazon.com/ to preview the book online.

Remember this book is written for the home cheesemaker, by a home cheesemaker.  Very little is required in the way of special equipment.  If you have a homestead goat or cow or if you are looking for a new gourmet experience....this is the guide for you!  

Happy cheesemaking!  Janet