Thursday, December 23, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

December 23rd:  The stockings are hung, tree lit, goodies baked - mission accomplished.  As a look at gifts yet to be distributed I see an amazing thing, most are from our own stores.  There are homemade pickles and relish; pepper, elderberry and grape jellies; pickled beets; chow chow; homemade breads; cookies and cinnamon rolls.  Dozens of fresh eggs will finish the baskets and boxes going to friends and family.  We are to the point where no one needs anything and everyone buys what they want, so this year, we've chosen to give a gift unique to our farm.  Oh, I forgot to mention we still have lettuce in the high tunnel and a bit of Brie to share! It's quite an amazing array for a little backyard farm. 

We are blessed, as a family, a people and a nation.  To have more than enough is a true gift. I wish the same for all of you - more than enough.  Find it in the simple things; the moments spent in front of the fire, scratching the dog; covered up with a favorite quilt on a cold winter morning; a cup of hot coffee warm between your hands, a full pantry and a good wood pile.  Now that's livin'!

"I come in the little things," saith the Lord.