Thursday, August 5, 2010

It was bound to happen

Cheesemaking is a wonderful skill to have and most of the time I am so pleased I learned this art, along the way.  However, there are days that I question my sanity (about cheesemaking and a few other things)! I made the trip to get milk for my cheesemaking classes which is a bit of a drive.  I made it all the way home with the milk, no problem.  I go over gravel roads, down steep hills, back up the other side....I've done this for over 2 years,  hauling milk in my little yellow Focus.  UNTIL Monday.  Got all the way home and moved the milk crate forward in the back of the hatchback so I could get a grip on the crate.  You know what's coming!  I heard a little ping followed by a whoosh and I gallon of buttery Jersey milk was in the wheel well where the spare tire goes.  I immediately said a few things I regret now, then removed the tire, sopped up all the milk, washed the tire and felt pretty sure I had the problem solved.  I propped open the hatchback just to make sure.

Got in the car on Tuesday to go to work and immediately the sour smell was all around me.  I stopped and bought Fabreeze.  Now I had 2 bad smells going at the same time! I stepped out of the car and the odor seemed to penetrate my clothes and my hair.  I felt like a walking cheese curd.   Last night I used baking soda.  Someone else said vinager.  You know if you haven't done a science experiment in awhile = you can make a volcano in the back of your car - in the place where the spare tire ususally goes.   I cleaned this up and got out my Dr. Bronners peppermint soap.  That helped quite a bit.  I drove to work today with the windows up which is am improvement.  Of course it has been 100 + degrees which has not helped my situation one bit.  I had equipment in my car, so I locked it leaving the window down enought to let some of the remaining funes escape.  When I got to the car after work the odor was very much present, so I investigated a bit further.  I flipped up the seat and guess what?  I was making cheese there, too!  Finally got rid of the curds and whey, washed it all out again and now I am praying to the God of all that is HOLY that my car will be smelling at least 75% normal tomorrow.  Hope springs eternal.  My husband wants to sell it!  Oh ye of little faith.   I'll keep you posted on this development.  Life in the fast lane.